Digital Platform & Application Service

Simplify the Complexity

Today’s challenge and initiatives on most companies is to transform their business into digital market, hence they need more data to do analysis and speed up the transformation into digital platform.We provide the solution to simplify and ease the complex transformation and make your enterprise faster in the digital transformation journey.


Analytics & Dashboard Reporting to create stunning data visualizations


Notification & Messaging Gateway Gateway for any messaging applications


Application Framework Speed Innovation with Custom Application


With modern dashboard reporting software, you have the possibility to create stunning data visualizations, combine them into powerful dashboard reports and customize them at your will and helps your organization to stay on top of their company’s activities by consolidating key performance indicators and monitoring critical issues and analyzed data.


Provide messaging system gateway into multiple messaging such as WhatsApp, Telegram, Line, Cisco Sparks and other messaging application in the market. This messaging system gateway provides Single Interface API makes it easier to integrate with your existing system such as Monitoring System (APM, DB, System, Network etc), Business Application and Other Legacy system.


By providing a service and platform to create application from small to enterprise application using our framework, will help your organization to deploy the application faster and easy to manages.

Digital Platform & Application Service Development Technology

We develop our digital platform & application service using combine & various technology in the market.

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Digital Platform & Application Service​


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