Agile & Continuous Delivery

Accelerate Delivery with Agility

Accelerate Delivery with Agility

Nowadays, everyone demands to deliver fast with better quality, pacing up with faster time to market without sacrificing quality. Our solution covering end to end processes from Plan & Design to Operate & Monitor. The solution is integrated across all phases which provide visibility and traceability, supporting the whole team to deliver fast and excellence to customers.

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Agile & Continuous Delivery Framework

A robust framework, built based on years of experiences, bridging whole team from business, development, and operation team together to contribute on every phase of delivery. Integrating information across teams and phases, designed to deliver faster with best quality ever

DevOps Framework

Plan & Design begins with demands, requirements, objectives, and test cases. Build & Test will start right after all the information in Plan & Design are clear and firm. An integrated IDE with the solution will provide information on development progress, while functional test, performance test, and security test will be executed using cutting-edge tools and the results are available in the Management Portal. With Continuous Integration, the Deploy & Release process will be done automatically with pre-defined steps and procedure to the destination Environment. On Production Environment, full-fledged monitoring and service management will be placed, supporting operation team delivering excellence to customer.

DevOps Framework by ISGS

Agile & Continuous Delivery
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We deliver industry specific business and IT solution needs through strategic partnership  with technology vendors who are the leader in its solution globally.

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Agile & Continuous Delivery​


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